Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Blog #2: Learning to Be

Thursday September 12, 2019: Today I loaded and unloaded Firewood at Linda’s, I learned that a boiler produces hot water from wood. I have sap all over my hands; it feels good. The Moonrise was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. I feel at peace with my part here. ~Zinnia

Hello readers! I hope this blog is finding everyone well. As the fall rolls in we have been working hard on projects around campus and on preparing for the long expedition ahead.

This week we paddled down the chilly waters of the Connecticut and Deerfield Rivers. During our 12-mile paddle down the Connecticut we stopped at a campsite next to “The Path of Life”, which is an interactive sculpture garden. In the morning as the sun rose each person silently made their way through the maze down to the large sculptures that stood tall over us, instruments in hand. Pele remarked, “it immersed me in the avant-garde which I haven’t previously experienced in such a medium.”
Learning to canoe on the Connecticut River

Early one morning we went to Mount Ascutney to meet Roger Haydock, a self taught geologist. As we climbed the steep mountain he told us the history of the trees and rocks we were seeing. When we were about 3,000 feet up the 3,100-foot mountain we met a person named John. John was setting up a wild-looking contraption and we decided to ask about it. It was a hang-glider! We got to watch as John ran, jumped off of the edge of the rock, and soared through the sky. It reminded us of a large butterfly.

The glider takes flight!

Learning from Roger Haydock

Academic work on the banks of the Connecticut

We then made our way to the Deerfield River in western Massachusetts. As we approached a class III rapid called “Zoar Gap” we got out of our boats and scouted. Then Zinnia, and Spencer approached the roaring waters in their canoe. Rio, Tristan, and Jackson readied ropes to throw incase anyone fell out of their boats. Their run was going very well when all of a sudden their boat started to tip and splashed into the water! Tristan threw the rope. Zinnia grabbed it, but then Tristan’s feet started to slip. Rio grabbed him, Jackson grabbed her, and they were all pulled in to safety! 

Kai and Pele in Zoar Gap

Heading cleanly into the rapids
Or not so cleanly?
Maya and guest teacher Jackson Ennis
Sara and Elena in Zoar Gap
            Back at Kroka we broke off into small group projects: a mix of service work, farm work, and deconstruction of the old Farmhouse. (For those who don’t know we are takingdown part of the farmhouse in order to rebuild a more sustainable space). Zinnia worked with a visiting school group from Housatonic Valley Waldorf School. Liam worked at a bakery a little ways from from Kroka called Orchard Hill. Fin and Kai worked at a neighbors house on their garden, as well as preparing firewood for the winter. Callie, Rio, Pele, Alice and I (Maya) worked harvesting fruits and veggies on the farm, caring for the animals, and deconstructing a neighbor's greenhouse that will be taken to Kroka and reused. (John, the owner of the greenhouse, has helped Kroka a lot throughout the years so when he asked us to help with the deconstruction we jumped at the opportunity). Elena and Tristan built a new tool shed and moved another across campus. Spencer and Sarah worked on deconstructing to farmhouse. Everyone had different but very fun and educational experiences.

Good-bye beloved old Farmhouse! We can't wait to build a new one. 
            In the past week we have had many adventures. We have woken up to sun shining through the trees as well as rain dripping on our tents. As we look forward to the light of the dessert, we aren’t sure what we’re looking at yet; but as we look back we smile at our many accomplishments and the countless laughs. Our hearts are warmed and out internal fires burn bright.


The semester students have compiled a small list of items we would enjoy and are reaching out to you all to help with what you can. Please send your donations to:

Kroka Semester
767 Forest Rd
Marlow, NH 03456

Dream List
Dried Pineapple
Dried Mango
Carob Chips
Dried Berries
Hair Buzzer
Dried Squash
Chia Seeds
Hot Sauce
Dried Peppers
Coconut Shavings

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