Thursday, October 24, 2019

Blog #5: Moving With The River

Sarah takes in the view
In the early morning, we awoke to drive from . campground in Lander, Wyoming to the Green River Lakes. Frost covered the windows of the van, painting beautiful patterns along them. As we drove along the winding roads to our put-in, we looked out over the fields. Grazing in the tall grass were buffalo! Their large bodies covered in dark hair mesmerized us.

When we arrived at the headwaters of the Green River, Haystack Mountain stood out tall, beautiful, and snow-covered. Under the beautiful mountains we loaded our canoes and pushed off the snowy shores. Dipping paddles into the crystal-clear waters, small rainbows danced across the blades.

Ruby on a break from paddling

Liam trying out the kayak

The first day we paddled 10 kilometers to our very first campsite on Moose Creek. The next morning we awoke to frosty grounds. As we paddled, snow fell upon us. We continued to travel south and as we did the weather warmed to greet us. The land flattened and the canyons began  to rise around us. During our travels we have seen many animals including:

snow geese
bald eagle
beavers (one close enough for Pele to touch!)
rainbow trout
brown trout

Moose crossing!

Fin and Tristan fishing

Tristan studies on a rock at dusk

Maya takes in the sun

Rio and Elena on a chilly morning

The group in the typical Wyoming landscape

Breathtaking scenery!

We've paddled in freezing temperatures waking up to snow storms and thick frost.  We've encountered hot springs that helped us through our coldest days. The water turned from deep turquoise to green and brown, full of sewage and algae at Fontenelle Reservoir. Once we portaged over the dam, the beauty returned. It was here that we learned about our first "solo" for the last 2.5 days of the leg.

A "solo" is when all of the students live out in the wilderness without instructors. Once Miron and Ruby had departed we had a long way to go before looking for camp. We found a place right before the Seed-Skadee Wildlife Reserve. We are becoming very proficient at setting up camp. The next day we woke before sunrise and started paddling. We had to go 50 kilometers that day and 35 the next day. We were all very tired when we met Miron and Ruby at a small park in Green River, Wyoming for our first resupply.

Callie and Maya prepare lunch on a snowy morning!

Morning frost

Pele gets ready for the day

Kai and Tristan enjoy academic time in the sun

Alice journaling

We have traveled 300k since the Green Lakes. As we move down the river the landscape and river width has changed very drastically. When we began the river was narrow and winding. Trees towered above us. Now, as we move south, the land is becoming more like a desert. We look forward to the canyons.

Spencer is working on bow-drilling...

...And Liam blows the coal to life! 

Study time!

Canyon wrens, sandstone, and canoeists!

Elena and Callie on a windy day

Zinnia and Sarah

A brave and happy group approaching the desert landscape! 


  1. miss you, callie. wishing you the best of times. you rock!

  2. Sarah Taylor I love you!! You're in my neighborhood here.. get on that bow drill girl! Mary


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